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Mediation offers a process by which two parties work towards an agreement with the aid of a neutral third party.

Can you resolve legal disputes without the cost, time, and stress that come with a trip to court? Yes, you can. Mediation is the answer. This form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is dedicated to helping people address their legal disputes without the challenges that come with a courtroom battle. It can work for you.

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At the Dallas Mediation Group, these are just some of the mediation services that we provide:

 Business Mediation

 Personal Injury Mediation

 Family Law Mediation

 Malpractice Mediation

 Real Estate Mediation

 Employment/Personnel Mediation

 Group Facilitations


The value of mediation can never be overstated. Mediation does not just resolve legal conflicts, but perhaps more importantly it can preserve important business, family, and other relationships. Mediation works because the parties learn to communicate with each other and reach an agreement which they all can agree to.


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